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SoloHealth: FAQs

What is the company's vision? Top
To empower consumers to take charge of their health by providing free and convenient access to health and wellness screenings and services, which leads to prevention and lower healthcare costs. Founder and CEO Bart Foster believes the SoloHealth Station kiosks will help educate and empower millions of Americans to take charge of their health and ultimately lead to a healthier, efficient and more financially sound nationwide healthcare system.

Does SoloHealth have any investors? Top
Yes, we have several strategic investors and partners including Coinstar/Redbox (CSTR), Walter Huff (founder of HBOC), WellPoint, one of the nation's largest health benefits companies, and Dell, for development and deployment. To date, we've raised nearly $30M, including the $1.2M grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

What is the company's core product? Top
Our primary product is the SoloHealth Station, a comprehensive health and wellness kiosk. EyeSite, a vision kiosk, was our inaugural product. In May of 2010, the company was awarded a $1.2M grant by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to advance EyeSite into a more comprehensive self-service health and wellness station, which became the SoloHeath Station.

What does the SoloHealth Station offer consumers? Top
The SoloHealth Station is a self-service kiosk offering vision, blood pressure, weight, and body mass index screenings, as well as an overall health assessment and access to a database of local doctors-all free of charge.

Does the SoloHealth Station replace a regular doctor exam? Top
No, the SoloHealth Station is not meant to replace an official doctor examination. It provides a portal for millions of consumers to access health screenings in a free, fast and self-service manner - many who would not regularly seek healthcare attention. Once evaluated, the SoloHealth Station connects the consumers to a database of local professional healthcare providers.

Where are the kiosks currently located? Top
The SoloHealth Station is currently in select U.S. retail locations including Walmart, Safeway, Publix, CVS, Sam's Club and Schnuck's Markets. The company is launching a nationwide rollout beginning this fall with thousands of SoloHealth Stations estimated to be in retail locations by mid 2013.

Why does SoloHealth have vision-specific kiosks as well as SoloHealth Stations? Top
SoloHealth's first product was the EyeSite kiosk with a goal to make vision testing more accessible to a broader group of people. It soon became apparent that this self-service model could be expanded to other areas and a kiosk with vision, blood pressure, weight, and body mass index screening would be a natural expansion. The SoloHealth Station now offers the full health and wellness experience.

Will the SoloHealth Stations gradually replace the EyeSite kiosks? Top
We aren't actively replacing the EyeSite kiosks with the SoloHealth Station as we've had positive success and interaction with the eye kiosks. However, the SoloHealth Station offers numerous screenings, providing consumers a more comprehensive experience, so we certainly expect an even greater demand for the machine and, in fact, already have seen this. We actually see the SoloHealth Station replacing the thousands of outdated blood pressure machines currently located in retail locations.

Is your technology all in-house or do you have strategic partners? Top
We have an in-house technology team but we have strategic partnerships with leading technology companies including Intel, Verizon Wireless and Dell.

Are the kiosks only located in retail locations? Top
The majority are located in retail locations although we are testing the SoloHealth Station in other appropriate environments like company campuses and insurance providers. The machine's benefits can reach beyond just retail, although that is the primary portal to interact with today's consumer.

Who are some of your retail partners? Top
Walmart, Safeway, Publix, CVS, Sam's Club and Schnuck's Markets.

What is SoloHealth's revenue model? Top
We generate revenue through advertising, retail fees and doctor/professional listings. The SoloHealth Station, a cloud-based platform, offers highly personalized, targeted and interactive healthcare opportunities for advertisers and retailers by placing kiosks in high-traffic retail locations and offering access across a multi-platform ecosystem including Internet, mobile, social, digital signage and emerging platforms. The multiple-platform approach gives advertisers and medical professionals the ease of interaction from many touch points allowing for greater effectiveness and efficiencies.

What brands would benefit from advertising with the SoloHealth Station? Top
Almost all brands within the health and wellness category would benefit; for example, nutritional foods, oral care, digestive health, vitamins, weight loss and skin care, to name a few. And, of course, managed health, insurance providers, pharma advertisers, and medical professions also benefit.

Who are some of your advertising partners? Top
Pfizer, J&J, Bayer, Hallmark, Coca-Cola and Pharmavite, to name a few.

What tests can I take with the SoloHealth Station? Top
A user can choose which tests he or she would like to take. The user-friendly interface makes it clear that users can be screened for blood pressure, vision or weight and body mass index (body mass index is determined by weight and self-reported height). Each of these tests average 2-3 minutes at most, including a few relevant questions that help assess an individual's general health.

Has the kiosk been approved and does it meet regulation standards? Top
Yes, SoloHealth is adamant about meeting and exceeding safety standards and medical device guidelines. The SoloHealth Station is HIPAA and FDA compliant.

Will the SoloHealth Station provide me with results? Top
Yes, once you've completed the tests, you'll receive a comprehensive health assessment with your health scores/results, suggestions for improvement, and access to a database of local professionals.

Will the SoloHealth Station connect me with medical professions for follow-up care if necessary? Top
Yes, depending on your health assessment, the SoloHealth Station will provide a listing of professionals in your area for follow-up care. SoloHealth has a vast network of accredited doctors and medical professions.

How can I keep a history of my results if I'd like to return to a kiosk later? Top
Your information is not permanently stored at our kiosks. The information is only inputted on kiosk systems to allow you to use our services. Your information is then uploaded and stored on our secured cloud-based system. However, a user may create an account at the kiosk using a user name, magnetic card, or bar code and password. The account can be accessed on any kiosk in the network and may be available via an online web portal ( Users may also able to forward a set of results or their biometric history to their personal email accounts if they would like.

Can I expect privacy and confidentiality in terms of my results? Top
SoloHealth considers the privacy and confidentiality of your test results and personal information to be one of the most important elements of the service we provide. Our responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of your information is one that we take very seriously. We use established and commercially reasonable hardware, software, and other procedures to secure your data including encryption, Secure Socket Layering (SSL) and firewall technologies. Security technology is rapidly advancing and SoloHealth evaluates new technology on an ongoing basis to ensure that it provides the most appropriate level of privacy and security for protecting your information.